Camille Baughman and Associates

Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center

Welcome to Our Practice!

Each of our therapists are certified or licensed in various bodywork modalities. As you can see on our Massage Services page, we offer a wide variety of services. In total, we offer over 80 years of combined experience in the wellness field. The focus of our practice is completely client centered.

We offer an environment that is safe, calm, and caring. As with any professional practice, we honor you as an individual and respect your confidentiality. We believe that the body, mind, and spirit interact and work together to make an individual whole and complete. Massage Therapy is one way to help maintain balance and awareness in this process.



Special Offerings

We offer a special retreat in your own hometown. Contact us!

We have appointment "add-ons" to nourish your body and soul. There is no need to schedule the add-ons in advance. Simply come to your appointment and let your therapist know you would like to have an add-on with your session.


For an hour  massage, we schedule 90 minutes per client (60 minutes table time and 30 minutes for getting on and off the table, payment, and rescheduling at the front desk). We usually also allow 10 minutes or so to sit down with each client prior to the massage to check in on how your body is feeling and  what your needs and expectations are for the session. For 10- to 20-minute add-ons, we simply shorten the time on the front end of the session so we can stay within your scheduled appointment time.

We are very excited about these additions to our practice and we hope you are too. We want you time with us to be fun and interesting as well as relaxing, restorative and therapeutic. 


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